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Prime Laser Systems was founded by a husband and wife team with experience in the laser industry dating back to 1995. Steve and Amy Paradis met in 1998 at the legendary electronic music club night, Buzz, in Washington DC. At that time, Amy was a lighting operator for the club and Steve was part of the team who provided laser shows for the large events in the venue. The two have been together ever since.

Steve and Amy share a passion for music and event production. Over the years, the two have provided lasers for a vast range of music and events. Prime Laser Systems' experience includes large scale festivals, professional sports, clubs, casinos, theme parks, private and corporate events, photo and video shoots.

We are both so passionate about music and art it is a
wonderful feeling being able to share that with so many people
in such a unique and creative way.


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Prime Laser Systems has a large stock of state of the art laser systems and boasts some of the most powerful and technologically advanced RGB laser projectors in North America. Systems include powers ranging from 3 watts up to 50 watts of full color laser. This enables us to cover any range of event from small private gatherings to projecting lasers off of mountain tops which can be seen for many miles. Prime Laser Systems can also provide safe and legal audience scanning.

Prime Laser Systems is fully licensed by the FDA/CDRH to operate laser shows as well as manufacture laser show projectors. We also have the special licensing required to operate in New York state. All laser show operation and laser show projectors used by Prime Lasers strictly conform to the guidelines of the FDA.

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